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Diaphonized Rat Leg & Foot (silver necklace)

Diaphonized Rat Leg & Foot (silver necklace)

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This necklace features a diaphonized rat leg & foot in glycerin. It is protected within a sturdy medical grade glass vial with a decorative silver cap. The pendant hangs on a 24” nickel-free, matching chain necklace and comes in the gift box shown. If you prefer a 18” or 30” length, please let me know in the notes when you make the purchase. 

This is the perfect gift for those into biology, science fiction, fantasy, dark art, cyberpunk or oddities. 

***Due to different import laws this is avail. only in the US.

Scientists have been using diaphonization techniques for decades, but more recently, oddity artists have also taken up the practice. First developed in 1977, the process of diaphonization was called "clearing and staining." The animals are rendered transparent (the "clearing") by bathing in trypsin, a digestive enzyme that slowly breaks down their flesh. Then the bones are dyed over long periods of time (the "staining").

Those who identify with rats as a spirit animal possess strong intuition and have a sharp sense of both opportunity and danger. The rat is a powerful totem animal. Rat totem individuals have a gift for figuring out the best way to make things work in their advantage.

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