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Butterfly Dream Machine Autograph

Butterfly Dream Machine Autograph

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8 X 10 inch glossy print signed & kissed on the back.

Title: Butterfly Dream Machine
Model: Ave Rose
Photograph by Eric Anderson.
Makeup by KC Mussman.

Ave Rose created the Butterfly Dream Machine in 2016. She took twenty of the largest most beautiful butterflies from around the world and transformed them into individual articulated mechanical mini sculptures adorned with Victorian filigree and precious gemstones. Built into a giant fantasy machine these mechanical butterflies can be brought back to life with the use of a magical hand crank in a stunning spectacle lit with glowing quartz crystals and vintage vacuum tubes. A large antique brass butterfly on the top of the machine can be turned to activate an enchanted music box. The base of the machine has a mysterious locked wooden cabinet. Whoever earns the key will gain access to a sacred maker's journal holding the secrets of the machine.

Please include the name you want it signed to in the notes. Can be signed on the front upon request.

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