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Oddity Mystery Box

Oddity Mystery Box

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These oddity mystery boxes will contain four items. Each item will be labeled with identification. The boxes will most likely (but not guaranteed) to contain one bone, skull, or other animal part or full animal, one insect or nautical or botanical specimen, one mineral/crystal, one fossil or interesting antique. The specimens might be dry or wet preserved. The box measures 3”x3”x3”.

Each item is ready to be placed in your own cabinet or curiosities. They might be in magnified specimen cubes, frames, corked or capped vials, plastic specimen bags, or tiny display domes. They make the perfect gift for those into science or even just unusual items. The items can even be used as raw materials for your own oddity artwork! If you’ve already purchased this from me please put in the notes the things you got so I don’t give you the same stuff.

All items are ethically sourced and kid friendly. For repeat customers please message me with items you don’t want to receive again. Due to so many different import laws I’m making these only avail. in the U.S.

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