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Zombie Cadence

Zombie Cadence

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It’s 5:00 p.m., and all Cade wants is to get out of the office and into the arms of his sweetheart. But a chance encounter with the undead changes his plans. As a spirit trapped inside, Cade is forced to helplessly witness the gore his zombie self wreaks upon the town. It's not just a zombie story it's a ghost story!

I grew up on horror and use to always obsess over this idea. In 2005 a music producer friend was doing a Rob Zombie tribute album and contacted me to see if I had a book to pair with it. In response I wrote this story and had an amazing artist illustrate it for me. At the time I wasn't quite comfortable with the idea of publishing my own work so I created a secret identity named Wynter. I took photos of myself in a mask and created an online persona. The funny thing is that the book was so well received at the time that fans were really pushing for a book signing in hopes of meeting "Wynter". I had one of my sisters dress up in the mask and wardrobe to do book and horror events. She became such a hit that "Wynter" even came out with a second book.

4"x5". 32 pages. Fully illustrated in color. Paperback. Written by Ave Rose under the pen name "Wynter". Illustrated by Rudy Martinez.

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*RARE ITEM! These books are now out of print so whatever copies I have left is the last of them. If you want the book signed and personalized please indicate so in the check out notes.

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